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Sampsonville Harbour to St. Peter's, Nova Scotia

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Sunrise over Sampsonville Harbour (behind Beaver Island), on the Bras d'Or Lakes: 

Lobster season is over --- so, using a wharf crane, a prefabricated cabin is lifted onto the lobster boat so that the family can enjoy good times together during the rest of the boating season --- next Spring it will just be lifted back off so the boat can once again become a work boat:

The north end of the St. Peter's canal.  The lock is in the distance - just around the bend.  The bridge rotates on a just off center axis when the boats need to pass:

We were able to tie "Evergreen" to the canal bulkhead while we waited out some poor weather.  This allowed us to get off the boat and take walks despite the rain:

The wind and the rain prevented most picture taking, during our walks, however I could not resist this one:

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